Coffee & Cigarettes

From the series “Edi[ta]ble”, the poster of the movie “Coffee & cigarettes“.

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Digital print, limited edition of 20 signed and numbered multiples on stretched canvas, or unlimited on paper.
Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing the complete set of 14 works.

EDI[TA]BLE* is a kind of “graphic game”, and it consists of creating
a series of (imaginary) movie posters related to (real) movies in which the food appears as protagonist or common thread.
The posters are completely different from the original ones: the aim is to re-process them, by highlighting the food item inside the film through an iconic essential and evocative representation, even through the use of colors and typographical fonts closely related to the atmosphere of the film itself.

Give a look at the portfolio for the complete gallery.

* The title EDITABLE plays with the adjective “edible”, and the verb “to edit”(a movie or a publication).

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Dimensions 70 x 50 x 7 cm



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