The food tree

We can find a lot of food pyramids everywhere, but in this case Anna Blasco, chef and food-maker from the Turin-based Cultural Association Qubì, asked me to study something different from the boring triangular shape.

I found the right inspiration in a tree: after all we are talking about food, nature, health, and it looks like a good solution to put everything together. That is how the “aware nutrition tree” is born: with the soft curves of its branches and with a series of icons specifically created, the nutritional advices of Anna Blasco become easy and pleasant to read.

The Food Tree

No more excuses now to choose what to eat once a month (magenta), every week (yellow) or every day (cyan) to be healthy and bring the right amount of nutrients to your body, while respecting the environment.

Because loving oneself is an act of great awareness.

The Food Tree icons

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