I’m Vito,
graphic designer
and art director.

On the portfolio you will find some of my personal projects, mostly focused on publishing, logo design and brand.

On the social design page a few examples of the communication projects developed with several organizations all around the world in the field of the social change.

Summary Report for São Tomé and Príncipe
Apulia in all senses
Profiting for Parity
Elevate Children Founders Group
Spring Forward
Care for Child Development – the manuals
INSPIRE: Seven strategies for Ending Violence Against Children
Peter Downsbrough – hence here or option –artbook
Ion Grigorescu – From Static Oblivion
Refugees & Economy infographic
Brain Child Infographic
Climate change and children – infographic
Editable, cinema to savour
Thype! Logo design exercises book
I do not want to disappear silently into the night
POSITION(S) - Antoine d'Agata
Limoncello Infographic
The Food Tree