The creative process

Regardless of their purpose, whether it’s a logo, a book, an infographic, a poster or any other design project, the works presented in this website were conceived using the same method.
(Here you can download a pdf version of my portfolio).

1. briefing


The process begins with a briefing, often through a detailed client questionnaire that allows me to understand the communication requirement.

2. research


Then I start the research into the topic to get acquainted as much as possible with its universe.

3. sketching


The next step is the sketching, always with a pen or pencil, in order to put down quickly on paper the brainstorming result.

4. drafting


After selecting the best option(s) I start with the drafting, where the visual takes shape in pixel form.

5. feedback


When it looks ready, it goes through feedback exchange, where the client gets involved again to compare the draft with their feeling and with the initial brief.

6. finalization


The last step is the finalization, where the graphic project becomes pixel perfect and ready to be printed or published.